Home Theater Design & Installation

Home Theater Design & Installation

Immerse yourself in surround sound with a custom designed home theater system
Take full take advantage of how music, television, movies and gaming systems were intended to sound and look. Our trained staff will design a surround sound system to achieve spectacular performance while keeping within the aesthetics of your home. Whether you are listening at a high or low volume, your television and movie experience will come to life.

Detailed System Design

Great results start with great planning

Our staff will provide a detailed system design to meet your goals. Surround sound systems can be perfectly blended into the décor of the room. No large or overgrown speakers sitting in the corner, no unsightly wires, just great sound integrated seamlessly into your home. Our staff will ask the right questions, and inform you of all of your options.

Sound FX can also provide you with full theater design and construction

Constructing the perfect environment

Sound FX can also provide you with full theater design and construction. Rival and surpass the movie theaters with a dedicated movie theater in your home or finished basement. From acoustical treatments, to seating, to décor, our consultants can create your fantasy theater.

Sound FX will get it done right

Sound FX will get the job done right

Whether you have existing equipment, or you purchase your equipment from us, we can accommodate you in every way possible. Sound FX will get it done right. No matter how big or small the job is, we will come to your house and provide an estimate of the work to be done. Call us today to discuss your home audio and visual needs.

Enjoy your music in your outdoor living space

Never leave your music inside

Take the party outside and enjoy your music in your outdoor living space. Enjoy stylish outdoor speakers above your patio, and surround yourself with hidden speakers throughout the landscape. A Sound FX system will take your outdoor events to a new level.

Rich, full-sounding speakers will be installed discretely and professionally to perfectly match your electronics. Sound FX offers high quality speakers and will recommend the best products to suit your needs.

Change the way you experience movies, television and music... contact Sound FX to setup a consultation by calling 401-519-6770 (West Warwick) or 401-433-7240 (East Providence)