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SoundFX is a proud authorized Platinum Level Certified dealer for Control4 automation systems. Control4 allows you to automate your home or business affordably and reliably. Control4 is a special product that is extremely simple to use, and can be easily retrofitted into any existing home or business. It can start as a single room, or can be integrated into a 10,000 sq. ft home.

SoundFX is a Control4 Certified Home Automation Dealer

Your home, at your convenience

Control4 brings the world of reliable automation into your life. From simplistic control of lighting to adjusting the inside temperature of your home while on vacation, SoundFX and Control4 can customize your living space.

Control4 Thermostat

Ready for your arrival

Imagine coming home and pulling into your driveway at 9pm, and as you open your garage door, your inside lights turn on and illuminate a pathway into the kitchen. At the same time, your favorite Pandora music station comes on at a preset volume level.

Control Your Home with Control4 Light Switches

Control4 brings peace of mind

You happen to glance over at a light switch and you realize that the indicator light has turned red, meaning that the garage door has been left open. A simple double tap of the Decora® light switch and the garage closes, returning the red light back to its original color.

Control4 Remote Control

Adjust your entire home on multiple devices

Imagine lying in bed at 11:30pm and realizing that you left the basement lights on, the thermostat needs to be turned down, and the front door needs to be locked. Relax. Grab your remote control, bring up the Control4 display on your TV, and from the TV screen perform all of your tasks from the comfort of your bed.

Control4 Certified Staff

Authorized Control4 Platinum Dealer

Our Control4 certified sales staff will design a system that meets your lifestyle, and our experienced technicians will seamlessly integrate it into your home. Call either of our locations for an in-store or in-home consultation.

SoundFX is a Control4 Authorize Platinum Dealer
SoundFX helps you take control of your entire home

Take control of your entire home

  • Lighting
  • Whole House Music
  • Shades
  • Temperature
  • Alarm Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • Garage Door
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Pool Pumps

Multiple ways to take control of your home

  • Handheld remote
  • On Screen via Television
  • Control4 Tablet
  • iPad or iPhone
  • Android Device
  • PC